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Thread: A new baby boy!

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    Jun 2013

    A new baby boy!

    I posted a couple of times asking for naming advice for our 4th child. Well he arrived!

    Emerson Banjo was born on the 10th of August at 4.35am weighing 7lbs 9oz. He has been nicknamed Sonny by his dad but I guess we'll find out if it sticks as he gets older.

    In the end we just kept coming back to Emerson and I really loved the meaning and playfulness of Banjo in the middle, so it all came together perfectly for us!

    He is a little brother for Jack, Archer and Willa.

    Thanks again for the advice that we were given, especially the reassurance that Emerson can still work on the boys!

    The bratpack Jack Tennyson, Archer Fitzwilliam, and Willa Jean. Eagerly awaiting our bump, due August.

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    Congratulations! Banjo is such a cool middle name.

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    Congratulations, and I love Banjo in the middle.

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    LOVE the name Emerson!! Such a great masculine and distinguished name! Congratulations!!!

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    Congrats to you on the safe arrival of your fourth child, Emerson Banjo. A distinguished first name with a quirky mn is a fine recipe to follow!
    All the best,

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