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Thread: As a sibset

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    As a sibset

    What do you think of the sibset I came up with today? Two boys and two girls. Alan, Charlotte and Douglas are all family names and Willow I just love but can't use up front.

    Jack Douglas
    Lucy Charlotte
    Finn Alan
    Emma Willow

    Thanks for the feedback
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    I like the first names as a sibling set, but some of the middles don't seem to fit. For Finn, Alan isn't the best choice because it ends with the same sound as the first name, Finn.

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    I agree. The first names sound very nice together but Finn Alan isn't the best fit. Maybe Jack Alan and Finn Douglas instead?
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    I prefer Nora and Dexter from your signature.
    Nora Willow and Dexter Finn are amazing!

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    I think the names all go together well, if that's what you're asking. And they're all decent names as well. Good job. (:
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