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    WDYT? The name Berlin...

    So, I hadn't ever really thought of Berlin as a name before, but lately the thought has been crossing my mind. I would probably see it being used on a girl. I kinda like it; I find it edgy and cool. However, I'm not a big fan of the association with the Berlin wall! What do you think of Berlin? Have you heard it used as a name before?

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    Re: WDYT? The name Berlin...

    I haven't heard it used as a name before. It's definitely a unique, name place choice. If you have a German heritage, it could be used to honor your ancestry. There's something forward thinking about it but you may not be ready for it. Why don't you consider it as a middle name option as well?
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    Re: WDYT? The name Berlin...

    I'm not a huge fan of most place names, and I really dislike this one. Certain place names work because they were names before they were places (Virginia, Charlotte) and others because they're popular and therefore accepted (Savannah, Austin) but I think Berlin is just a bit too tied to the city. I also think it shows a bit of a lack of worldliness. I think most Germans would find it downright bizarre, sort of like naming a kid Michigan. And what if she winds up wanting to study or work in Germany, or even a nearby European country? I think it would be pretty awkward.

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    Re: WDYT? The name Berlin...

    I knew a girl growing up and her name was Berlin. It fit her so I have a positive association with the name. If you can use Paris, London, Brooklyn, you can use Berlin.

    I say go for it if you love it.

    Good luck!

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    Re: WDYT? The name Berlin...

    I love Berlin, I'll have to add it to my list'o'names

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