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    Name for a somewhat enigmatic rockstar?

    I'm toying with an idea for a story right now, but it's very much in its conceptual phase.... The idea basically is a very famous rockstar who manages to avoid the paparazzi enough to remain quite mysterious even to his biggest fans, and the pov would go back and forth in between a fan, a journalist, and the star himself..... it turns out the rocker has some mysterious powers that he's required to keep secret from the public, but he hints about it through his music.
    What would be a good name for this rockstar though? I admit my original inspiration for the character came from Thom Yorke, if that helps at all? I'm really stuck on this, not even sure what KIND of name I'd want, just something that fits ???
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    Hmm, difficult. Here are some ideas, I don't know if any are what you're looking for: Conner/Conor, Luke, Maxim nn Max, Alexander nn Alec, Seth, Owen or Ewan, Sal, Camren, Clark, Oren, Kip, Evan, Gale, Kai, Hale, Rory
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    Perhaps Eudo, Foulke or Cazmir?

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