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    Name a man who'd name himself

    He's a masculine, self-sure, college educated (with above-average intelligence) 20-something-30-something business owner that has to demand a lot from himself to stay grounded. The darker side of caucasian (a grandparent probably some fraction of native american or spaniard), small analyzing eyes and a sculpted mouth not prone to flashing his perfect teeth. Not overly impressed with money or things bought with money, he takes pride in caring for and repairing things he surrounds himself with, including relationships. He knows how to nurture a bond from business to personal, but he does not compromise his ideals and is never a best friend or a husband (by their choice).

    For more complete profile read below:
    Personality: He's very intelligent and learned to work smart, not hard, and reaps impressive results through strategy. Logical and good natured-- not so much nerdy or comedic, simply not prone to humor or blatant arrogance. Confident but doesn't go out of his way to make others feel small. He has a robust moral compass but he doesn't fret about making hard choices. It's part of life.

    Physically: Late 20s, early 30s look. Tall, medium build, caucasian with a warm glow to his skin. Deep set chocolate eyes, a heavy gaze that pierces subtly, just enough to make one question why they feel defensive as his sly grin puts them at ease again. A full head of amber-brown hair, straight and on the longer side, framing his eyes and tickling the base of his neck. Short-shaven stubble all the time.

    Background/Lifestyle: Grew up an only child of a single mother with a string of husbands who couldn't commit to him as a father figure once the marriage expired. He has never so much missed his father as wanted someone less flighty and emotional than his mother to relate to. He enjoys being what one woman wants but he has never known passion within himself, never desired a certain type of woman or even let himself be disappointed in one.

    He's a perennial bachelor at his partners' insistence. He has never left a single one, not for chemical addiction, not for spousal neglect. He inspires them to conform to his needs without aggression or demand, they conform to him because on paper he's what they've all grown up thinking they needed and as such they question themselves more than they question him. They can't quite put their finger on it but after a few years with him, they don't know themselves enough to know what they want and dislike how dependent on him they've become. They walk intending to stay friends.

    He gets self worth from putting effort into things as well as people. He owns a trucking/shipping company as he enjoys getting people what they want, when they want, and at a good price. He has a lot of customer loyalty so he's got enough money to play with, but not so much that he spends habitually. He keeps himself well but isn't flashy.

    This character doesn't see the point in having the name of someone who came before, especially if his relationship with them was only a byproduct of their relationship with his mother. What names/surnames might he choose?

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    I feel like a man would choose something more well known and/or simple, maybe something he has seen in a book or movie. I like Jack Butler for his personality. Another idea is maybe having him use his college's name as his last name? A lot of colleges are named after people, and there are some good names out there!


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    Sounds like a Matthew Schuyler to me (though my first impression was George).

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveaura View Post
    This character doesn't see the point in having the name of someone who came before, especially if his relationship with them was only a byproduct of their relationship with his mother. What names/surnames might he choose?
    So what are the names of the 'people who came before' that we shouldn't suggest because he wouldn't pick? By this I imagine you mean this guys ancestors/uncles/grandfathers/brothers?

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    Reminds me of a combination of Arthur Goring and Robert Chiltern from Wilde's An Ideal Husband. Maybe one of those first names/surnames?
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