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    River is such a beautiful name! I love many of the previous suggestions, but here are a few more that might strike your fancy. If there are repeats, then I guess that can just count as a second.

    River Adelaide
    River Melisande
    River Eliora
    River Camellia
    River Sophronia
    River Peridot (I don't love the way this one looks on paper, but I find it pretty in a kind of mysterious way)
    River Elodie
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    The connections between these names are more for my benefit than yours, but it will hopefully help me come up with meaningful suggestions, as many a pretty name has already been offered to you. Disclaimer: I'm going to star the connections I like, which is not to say those are necessarily my favorite combos. I have no favorite yet because they are all fantastic. And yes, I am a bit crazy. =]

    Alice Willow & Ophelia Wren ~ two girls with W initial middles (which happens semi-often so I won't repeat it every time)
    *Alice Willow & Lucia Pearl ~ all 4 names contain at least one L
    Alice Willow & Eve Wisteria ~ both have fn's starting with a vowel
    Alice Willow & River _____ ~ Both fn's are 5 letters long... Perhaps you could find another 6 letter middle?

    Ophelia Wren & Lucia Pearl ~ two girls with -ia ending names
    *Ophelia Wren & Eve Wisteria ~ Flip-flopped syllable counts (4-1 & 1-4)
    Ophelia Wren & River _____ ~ My best suggestion here would be to find a Shakespearean mn to match.

    Lucia Pearl & Eve Wisteria ~ Light and Life meanings are pretty cute together
    *Lucia Pearl & River _____ ~ I like the water connection between Pearl and River

    Eve Wisteria & River _____ ~ would share the V in their fn
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    How about:
    River Marisol
    River Hannelore
    River Valencia
    River Avalonia (I doubt most people would correctly associate this with the Paleozoic area and would associate it with Avalon like I do.)

    (I apologize for repeats you have so many fabulous suggestions I can't remember them all)
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    So, upon taking the list to Hubby, we have ONE name left: River Selene. Which I think is fabulous, actually. I'm quite surprised he agreed to her, since she's been vetoed several times in the past. I love the liquid silvery sound and the connection to the moon!

    Here are some of his comments:
    Amoret - too French! (called it!)
    Anneliese - we know one, and we don't want to name our kid after a random acquaintance
    Cordelia - like on Buffy? Uhm, no. Besides, wouldn't it be weird to have a Willow and Cordelia?
    Corisande - like the meaning, but it sounds too much like courtesan (...???)
    Elowen - ELVEWYN!!! (explanation: Elvewyn is an NPC in our D&D game that came about after he had originally approved Elowen)
    Guinevere - he was vehemently opposed to Guinevere because of the whole cheating thing, and Mists of Avalon kind of portrays her as a mentally unstable religious fanatic
    Isolde - is-old? The River Is Old. No.
    Odette - starts with odd
    Ondine - he said no because of the movie, of all things! >_<
    Titania - he says it's pretentious. I was like, how is that pretentious?? He says, in a Glinda voice, "Hiiiii, I'm queen of ALL THE FAERIES and every mystical fantasy being EVER! - How is that NOT pretentious??" ..... I can kinda see his point, but still.

    I'll be back later to reply to these most recent posts Thank you guys for bearing with me!!
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    Lol, your husband is hilarious. And River Selene is spectacular. River Selene, Eve Wisteria, and Alice Willow would make AMAZING sisters, IMO. You have a lovely list.
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