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    Romantic and Etheral Middles for River

    Hello Berries!

    As you may have seen, in a shocking plot twist, my Husband has agreed to River as a first name! This means a few changes to my girls' list, but it also means finding the perfect middle name! I'm looking for something romantic, magical, and ethereal, but Husbie insists that names cannot be too over-the-top, so it needs to be practical as well. I'd also like something that has a very feminine feel to it, as River is more unisex than some of the other word names on my list.

    My favorite suggestions thus far are River Ondine and River Olwen. I'm also considering River Elowen, because I love the meaning and it's a name Hubby has actually liked in the past, but something about the flow feels off.

    At this point in time, River is not my Evie name, as I have just been introduced to the idea of Eve Wisteria and fallen madly in love with it. But that could change! If it does, I'll let you know.

    Potential siblings are all in my siggy.

    Looking forward with great excitement to all the lovely suggestions! TIA
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    Not sure it gets better than River Ondine! So pretty. Eve Wisteria is also quite pretty.

    Um, hmm.

    River Eilonwy comes to mind only because I just read dantea's post.

    From your gp list:

    River Soraya
    River Astoria
    River Illyria


    River Faline
    River Gwenore
    River Sandrine
    River Melisande
    River Eliora
    River Isolde
    River Madrigal
    River Chrysanthe
    River Faustine
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    River Ophelia or River Odessa would be beautiful.

    Otherwise, Reverie is close to River, and Eve as a nickname makes sense.

    But Eve Wisteria is really cool!

    River Wisteria is too!

    Eve Wisteria River or River Wisteria Eve or any other variation could be an option too.

    Did you think about having your girl be Eve and your son be River?

    I still really love Narnia Rose though! lol
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    River is a beautiful name. River Ondine is very pretty, I like it.
    A few ideas:
    River Alexandria/Alexandra
    River Anastasia
    River Constance/Constanzia
    River Eulalia
    River Gwenonwy/Gwenllian
    River Leocadia
    River Talulah
    River Victoria/Valencia/Vittoria
    River Yvonne
    River Zenobia

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    I don't like River Olwen, it sounds very flat to me. I know I suggested it, but I think River Ondine is pretty perfect.

    These are all over the place because your husband's view on what's too over the top doesn't always make sense to me. I agree that it has to be feminine, and it should be in the Alice/Lucia category instead of the Fawn/Wisteria one.

    So; Alice Willow, Ophelia Fawn, Lucia Pearl, Eve Wisteria and...

    River Ondine (my favourite)

    ... the roses:
    River Rosea
    River Rosalind
    River Rosalba
    River Rosalie
    River Rosaline

    River Bianca
    River Celeste
    River Celina
    River Cordelia
    River Cressida
    River Elaine
    River Estelle
    River Isobel
    River Leona
    River Mariana
    River Selene
    River Sylvaine
    River Tabitha
    River Viola
    River Yvaine
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