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    Baby coming in two days and I'm wavering on our choice...

    Hello Berries,

    My husband and I have "decided" on the name Alexandria Nicole nn Lexi but the closer we get the more I feel like I need to have other choices just in case. I have been drawn to Lexi since the beginning and Nicole is to honor my DH's twin Nicholas Risti (my nephew's mn is my DH mn)

    Another name we agreed on was Madeline but it just doesn't feel right to me.

    I feel like I just need a softer more girly name like Emmeline though DH doesn't like it. Any suggestions?

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    I love the name Alexandria, and b/c Lexi is fairly common, Zandie has grown on me as a nn.
    Alexandria Nicole sounds nice though.
    Alexandria has been one of my favorite names for a while.

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    i know the feeling. I'm due in two weeks and also wavering with my choice. Maybe get some back ups and then when you see her, I am sure you will know?
    Emmeline is lovely.
    What about Caroline? Or Luciana/Lucinda/Lucille - they're pretty girly?
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    Alexandria is gorgeous; I wouldn't second guess it! It's a standout choice, bold but not unheard of, and flows almost flawlessly with mn Nicole. Even with its "tough girl" meaning and strong, solid sound, Alexandria had always sounded beautiful and elegant to me; she's a warrior, yes, but a warrior princess.

    That being said, I think I name you might consider if Alexandria is officially nixed is Natalie (the anglicized spelling; it's traditionally Nathalie, with a silent H). The obvious Frenchness of it gives it a beautiful sound without wandering into the wilds of crazy things like Ottilie and Zephyrine. It's soft and feminine, but the first syllable packs punch, much like the "lex/lexi" in Alexandria and the "mad" syllable in Madeline. It's familiar, but not over-saturized, and I don't think it'll ever end up in the top ten. The Nathalie pronunciation gives it a certain flair, much like the added "i" gives Alexandria from common ground Alexandra.
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    Felixa? Lexi could be a nickname for that. Felixa Nicole "Happy victory".
    If that's not feminine enough, Felicity is a more familiar form of Felix.

    Otherwise you could consider Lexandra/Lexandria/Alexis/Alexa/Alexia/Alexabeth.

    Other names that give me the same feel as Alexandria:
    (when paired with Nicole, "this is what they would mean")

    Althea "Healing victory"
    Athena (She is the goddess of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts, mathematics, and courage.)
    Anastasia "Victorious Resurrection"
    Victoria "Victorious victory" or maybe "Doubly victorious" (lol)
    Valerie "Strong victory"
    Valencia "Brave, strong victory"
    Venus (Goddess of beauty and love)
    Samanthia "Victory told by God"
    Titania "Great victory"
    Tatiana "Father's victory" or "Fairy princess victory"
    Tempest "Turbulent victory"
    Octavia "Eighth victory"
    Cleopatra "Father's renown victory"
    Electra "Bright victory"
    Cassandria "Prophetess of victory"
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