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    Girl Names of Latin Origin?

    I recently realized that my two favorite boy names, Quentin and Silas, are both of Latin/Roman origin. I think it's a theme I'd really like to use on my kids (in the very far-away future haha), but I haven't been able to really find female Latin names that I both love and are...normal, I guess? Haha, not necessarily normal, but a name that wouldn't turn heads, but instead make people think "Darn it. Why didn't I spend more time looking for an uncommon name?"

    Anyhoo, here are the girl names I'm considering (for my nonexistent daughter):
    -Pax (meaning peace. I love this, but I feel like most people associate this with boys due to the name Paxton and Angelina Jolie's son.)
    -Isidora (meaning gift of Isis. Nice name, but I kinda dislike how choppy it is, in the sense that the name really inclines you to call the person Isa, Izzy, Dora, or Dory.)
    -Verena (meaning integrity. I like this very much, but I feel like people might think it was me trying to be youneek with Serena or something.)
    -Eudora (meaning generous gift. I like this almost as much as Pax. Except that it's Greek :P)
    (I'm also not really a fan of names ending in "a" for girls, but most Latin names do. What a conundrum.)

    So, any suggestions? For both boy and girl names of Latin origin actually, but specifically the female ones.

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