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    Opinions on Chandler

    I've recently thinking a lot about the name Chandler. I think it was really made popular by Friends, and was definitely defined as unisex after Phoebe's brother named their daughter Chandler as well. I think the name has a lot of spunk to it, but it's not overly common (I've only known one person by the name) and I was wondering what people thought.
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    I sort of love it. I don't usually like this kind of name, but this ones very cool to me. I don't think of it as unisex really, more boyish, but since it's an occupational name, I suppose it is. I agree with you, it's spunky and not over used like other occupational names (like Mason). -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I like it too. I think it has a really cool quality to it that some other names are lacking. I wouldn't use it however. Firstly because I know a Chandler in real life and he doesn't wear it well. And secondly because I think it's too tied to Friends' Chandler Bing for me to be comfortable using. But if that doesn't bother you, I think it's a really awesome name
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    Not a fan. There is the friends connection, but mostly, I see it as an uber preppy name.

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    I do see it as unisex because of both characters named Chandler on Friends. However, I recall some episodes where the main Chandler lamented and expressed a rather strong dislike for his name (part of how he convinces Phoebe to name the one baby that her brother let her as Chandler). Also, his name is mocked on more than one occasion, Ms. Chanandler Bong, is one that comes to mind. Though, I did like the character. While I wouldn't personally use it, I think it sound fine.
    I've had a few students with this name (both male and female). They typically used Chan as a nickname, I think Andy/Andie or Annie could work.
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