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    I absolutely adore Edith! It's my favorite girls name, mostly because of the super cute nickname Edie. I, too, like longer middles with it. Here are some that I really like:

    Edith Cecilia/Cecelia
    Edith Josephine
    Edith Amelia
    Edith Maria
    Edith Antonia (an-to-nee-uh)
    Edith Madeline
    Edith Lillian
    Edith Cordelia
    Edith Victoria
    Edith Gabrielle
    Edith Emmanuelle
    Edith Elizabeth
    Edith Natalie
    Edith Caroline

    These are just a few. My personal favorites are Edith Cecilia, Edith Maria, and Edith Antonia.
    Good luck to your sister!

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    I love Edith.

    Edith Josephine and Edith Margot are two of my favorite Edith combos.
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    Ok nameberries - it's getting down to the wire for them. These are our favorite suggestions from above - Thanks!

    Edith Elizabeth
    Edith Adeline

    What do you think?

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