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Thread: Paden

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    When I think of naming my children, I always feel like their names should be more than "oh I like that!". I want to be able to have some sort of a story behind them.

    My favorite name for a boy is Jack and I have struggled with a middle name for a while. Jack is painfully common but I find it endearing, spunky, and just overall a winner.
    I really want the middle name to help set Jack apart.

    I recently had a conversation with my Dad about his influence in naming me and my brother and sister. To my surprise he said he wanted to name my brother Paden after his favorite childhood cowboy, but my mom shot him down and named him Matthew instead, which upset him.

    When I heard it I was instantly intrigued. So I thought about Jack Paden and it just sounds so good!
    I know it's so similar to the Aiden, Jaden, Bradon craze happening right now, but this name has a personal connection.

    What do you guys think? Do you like Jack Paden?

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    if Payden = REALLY sounds like a Hayden, Kayden, Jayden, and even Peyton knock off

    if Pad-en = Madden knock off

    skip it

    its from the movie Silverado correct? i'd prefer the trendy Silver or Sterling for bold middle.

    ps a middle wont help Jack be set apart, he wont be called Jack Paden everyday.

    try Jackson or go uber trendy with the x'ed up Jaxon
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    I think Jack Paden is nice, though yeah, if it sounds like the Aiden names, that sort of takes some of the "setting it apart" out of it. If it is from Silverado, I love the idea of Silver or Sterling. There's still that connection to the name your father loved, there's a story to go with it, and Jack Silver or Jack Sterling sounds very cool. Regardless, Jack Paden would be a special name and I'm sure your son would love having a name that his grandpa loved so much.
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    I really dislike Jackson, or any alternate spelling, as well as Silver. But thank you for the suggestion.

    I do think it's from Silverado and it's pronounced how it is in the movie. Sort of like "paid in".

    I also wouldn't consider it a "knockoff" since I didn't just make it up to go along with the craze. I do agree that seems that way though because of how popular similar names are.

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    I love the connection the name has to your dad, but for me Paden blends in with all of the -ayden names or seems like a variant spelling of Peyton.

    At the end of the day, though, I imagine your dad would be very touched if you used it, and his opinion matters much more than those of a bunch of strangers on the internet.

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