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    An eclectic list of 12

    I'm attempting to put my eclectic list into some sort of order, any input would be greatly appreciated (: What's your first thought when you see the following names? List any images, feelings, colors, personalities, etc. that come to mind. If you have any suggestions of other names I might like I'd love to hear them!


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    Penelope - not my style but I can see the appeal when I see this I think of old fashioned things.
    - colour would be pink

    Genevieve - ditto above ^^^ when I see this I think of a French beauty
    - colour would be royal purple

    Francesca - I love the possible nn Cesca it's so pretty <3 When I see this I think of a girl I know
    - colour would be grass green

    Vivika/Viveka - I've never heard of this name which is a good thing if you like something unusual! When I see this I think of a Russian princess
    - colour would be amber

    Eve - This is really, really pretty <3 My favourite from your list! When I see this I think of a shy little girl with long, dark hair
    - colour would be ivy green

    Eliza - This is my second favourite from your list. When I see this I think of a pretty little girl from the Victorian era
    - colour would be baby pink

    Calla - beautiful but just not my style. When I see this I think of nature in general (plants, trees, flowers, birds)
    - colour would be lilac

    Briar - I'm not a fan of this, sorry! When I see this I think of a blacksmith (I don't know why!)
    - colour would be black

    Saffron - lovely nature name but nms again When I see this I think of fields of flowers
    - colour would be yellow

    Tatum - it's ok I guess... When I see this I think of totem poles...
    - colour would be a darkish orange

    Afton - never heard this one either but it sounds kinda masculine. When I see this I think of a little village
    - colour would be bronze

    Brighton - I'm not a fan of this simply because its the name of a place here in UK. When I see this I think of the place
    - colour would be sky blue

    Hope I helped!

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    Penelope- I think Kardasians and there is really not a good nn for it
    Genevieve- I think it is very pretty but a little old fashioned for me
    Francesca- Not a fan...sorry
    Vivika/Viveka- Not a fan of this either I much prefer Vivian or Vivianna
    Eve- Very pretty name I also like Eva
    Eliza- It reminds me of little house on the prairie
    Calla- Very pretty, reminds me of the flower calla lillies
    Briar- This is ok, I do know a boy named this
    Saffron- I don't like this for some reason
    Tatum- This reminds me of Channing Tatum, so I instantly think "HOT"
    Afton- It reminds me of afgan for some reason, not a fan
    Brighton- I actually really like this, seeming very happy and cheery

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    Penelope - Love this name, even though it's getting popular, it invokes an image of classy and fun to me. Pinks and purples, very feminine.
    Genevieve - Stunning name, I think of a woman who has class and a little sass (I know, didn't mean to rhyme, but that's what I think of). Colors that come to mind are reds and golds.
    Francesca - exotic and beautiful.
    Vivika/Viveka - Just think of the actress Vivica Fox, but it is a pretty name, and a person wouldn't have to worry about being a long line of Vivika or Viveka, although I personally prefer the Vivica spelling.
    Eve - simple and sweet. Earth tones are what come to mind.
    Eliza - My Fair Lady is the image I get from this name.
    Calla - Very exotic imo, I get a feeling of elegance.
    Briar - This one is pretty to me as a middle, not sure other feelings concerning it.
    Saffron - Yellow is the color that comes to my mind.
    Tatum - I knew a girl named Tatum. She was funny and down to earth, a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl.
    Afton - I just think of a boy. It's masculine imo.
    Brighton - same as Afton.

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    Penelope - not a fan. I just don't find it looking or sounding attractive
    Genevieve - I love French names, this is beautiful.
    Francesca - pretty! I love the rarity in it, and it has a cute feel.
    Vivika/Viveka - Never heard of it, a little odd but not bad
    Eve - Very pretty, although I prefer it as a nickname for Genevieve or Evangeline
    Eliza - Not a fan, sorry.
    Calla - Cute, but reminds me of a calus...
    Briar - Love this!!
    Saffron - not a fan
    Tatum - never met a girl with this name, only boys. but I think it could be cute with the right middle
    Afton - too masculine for me
    Brighton - too masculine for me

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