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    Thoughts on Woodrow? Plus my list!

    I posted the other day about my husband & having very different boy name styles.

    On my side, I love classic with a clean-cut 1950s vibe. John & Francis are my faves

    On his side, he loves out-there names with a tough-guy grandiose feel to them. Ulysses & Cassius are his faves.

    Today Woodrow popped into my head. I've considered it before, but now I think I should mention it to my husband. What do you think of Woodrow nn Woody?

    Here are some others that could work. I would love thoughts & suggestions


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    Woodrow seems like a good compromise between your style and your husband's. It's not a name I would use, but I would be very intrigued to meet a little Woodrow. I knew a guy in high school that went by Woody (his last name was Woodrow). It makes me think of Woody Allen. I also like Robin, Winston, and Wallace from your list. Ulysses is awesome. Your husband's favorite names seem like great middle name material.
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    I really like Woodrow, it's a strong choice. Not a fan of Woody, though. I like Woods as a nickname.

    I really like Francis and Cassius!

    Cliff - Really like this, I think it's better than the full version Clifford. Great sound
    Vitto - It's too much like veto for me
    Wallace - Not a big fan, sorry
    Walter - Not a big fan, sorry
    Beauregard - I like Beau, but I feel like someone with this name would have a bit of a hard time in todays society
    Robert - seems a bit boring compared to your other choices
    Robin - Not a fan, sorry
    Winston - Love!! Very cute.

    Thoughts on Leland?

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    I adore Leland! But my daughter is an L name and I don't want to feel stuck with a theme. I actually love Cassius, but I loathe Cash as a nn so much that I couldn't ever use it. My husband likes Cash & thinks of it like Johnny Cash. I just think dolla dolla bills sadly!

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    Woodrow is NMS, but seems like a good compromise for you and your husband. However, I would keep adolescent boy humor in mind when deciding on the nickname.

    I also like Cliff, Beauregard nn Beau, and Winston.

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