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    Thanks everyone for your opinions! I love this name, but the pronunciation kind of throws me off a bit, I guess you could say. I met someone with the name and she says it like ell-uh-dee (ok, I'm horrible at writing pronunciations out!!) And I know a lot of people say it's said like Melody with out the M, but again that sounds like ell-uh-dee to my ears. Is it wrong to say it that way verses ell-oh-dee?

    Also I'm glad to hearing positive feedback on Elodie Wren, I really do love that combo!

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    I know a little girl named Elodie Bramble and they pronounce it like Melody without the M. I like it pronounced that way ^_^

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    It's pronounced like melody minus the M. I think it's a really cute name. I like a lot of the suggestions for middle names above, but Elodie Wren is gorgeous. Go with your gut!

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    I like Elodie a lot. It is on my long list, and it's on my hubby's short list. It is pronounced like melody without he m. I like the nn Loddie.
    I would use Belle as a mn, because that is my grandma's mn. Wren is a very spunky choice.
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