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    Talking After Much Stress We Finally Named Our Baby

    I posted a few weeks ago about being 39 weeks pregnant and being unable to find a name for our surprise-gender baby. Well, we had the baby on the 10th August (one day past my EDD) and we managed to name the baby within half an hour of their birth.

    The day before my due date I sat down with my boyfriend with a list of six names for each gender, and told him that unless he could think of his own ideas, we were using a name from that list - he just had to choose one (he was being very stubborn and didn't want to talk about names, and just rejected every suggestion I made. See my previous threads for more on that).

    My list for girls consisted of Marie, Lena, Adelaide, Rosalind, Alice, and Estella. My boys list consisted of Hugo, Malcolm, Ezra, Julian, Jasper, and Antoine. To my surprise, my boyfriend said he didn't mind Estella, despite disliking it when I brought it up to him before, and he said that of the boys names, Hugo and Antoine were his favourites. I should've tried this approach before, it seemed to work!

    When I went into labour on the night of the 9th, I had convinced myself in my mind that the baby would be named Jasper, Antoine, or Estella. I had a natural labour and birth, but due to the pain names didn't cross my mind for the next fourteen hours. The baby was then born at 11.07am on the 10th. But upon seeing the baby, our final list of names didn't seem to suit them. I started to panic again, until my boyfriend completely changed his mind about a name that he had previously hated, and so there are then our baby was named.

    Our daughter's full name is Rosalind Estella Ruth. He had previously hated the name Rosalind because he said it was "too old fashioned", and he didn't like the association with science (I've always loved science, him not so much), but he said that he looked past it because it really did suit our daughter. He's been calling her Allie as a nickname, which I never though about but I really do love, and I've mainly just been calling her Rosalind. Estella was the name he said he didn't mind, so we thought we'd add it in as one of her middle names. I'm not really sure where Ruth came from, but we both loved the way it sounded with Rosalind and Estella, so we made it her second middle name. She's nine days old now, and the name fits her to a T.

    This was a very long announcement, but I wanted to share the story. A big thank you to everyone who helped out on my threads, because many of you suggested the "tough" approach, and it worked!

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    Wow, I'm so happy you found one you lived! Your little one's name is gorgeous, as I'm sure she is. Best of luck!

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    Congrats to you on the safe arrival of your baby girl, Rosalind Estella Ruth. Her parents have chosen a wonderful name and by doing so have given her a great start in life!
    All the best,

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    I think she has a beautiful name!!! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations on Rosalind Estella Ruth! I love the name. : )
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