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    Muslim names, boy and girl, suggestions needed!

    Hello all, I need your help with some suggestions. My husband and I have been discussing names and he's now mentioned that he'd like to name the baby something that is reflective of his heritage (I don't identify much with my heritage and so I'm happy to look at names that he can find meaning in in that respect..he did mention if we could find something reflective of both that'd be even better though lol)

    He is Guyanese (Indian) and was raised Muslim, although he is no longer practicing, it still forms a large part of his heritage. So my first request is suggestions of names that would be considered Muslim/Arabic (and I know that not all Arabs are Muslims etc and one could argue that there aren't even any "Muslim" names per se, but I don't want to get into that conversation please! lol)

    My family background is Dutch and Italian with a bit of English and French thrown in for good measure apparently lol. I was raised Catholic, but am not practicing either and it really doesn't hold a lot of significance for me. I am a spiritually seeking person yes, but not religious. Same as my husband.

    I mentioned my children's names in a another thread but hesitate to do so now because my other children are from a previous marriage..I had kids very young and though I love their names entirely, it just doesn't matter to me if this baby goes with the "sibset"..this child is a new leaf being turned for every member of our family and so I prefer to find a name that is "the" name without worry for how it sounds with the others..bearing that in mind, and for background or possibly to spark some creative ideas, their names are Theron Loki, Phaedra Lily and Bastian Levi. My name is Tanya and my husband is Sacha and our last name is a very common Muslim surname.

    If the baby is a girl, we will definitely honour my husband's grandmother by using her name as a middle name (spelling to be determined) which is Zeleka.

    One more bit of husband has mentioned, and I agree, that we don't want the baby's first name to be "too" ethnic (ie. Muhammad)

    So far we both like one name that fits some of our criteria: Layla..but it might be too common for me. My husband came up with a good idea for a boy, Gabriel, who is an angel in both Islam and Christianity..however I'm not sold..and it's my uncle's name..hmm

    Wow I have an issue with being short and concise don't I! lol sorry for my long winded posts..I am really stumped this time around! I'll stop talking now. lol

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    Hi there! I am by no means an expert in Muslim names, but here are a few that might fit:

    Girls: Aisha, Amina, Farah, Jamila, Nadia, Nisha, Noor, Yasmin. I also love Zahra, but Zahra Zeleka might be too much.

    Boys: Ayman, Karim/Kareem, Jaleel, Omar, Yusuf, Zaki

    Ayman and Zaki don't seem overly "ethnic" to me, mostly because they are so similar to Eamon (I've known several Eamons) and Zach. Omar is probably my favourite of them all. I'd be tempted to use it if we didn't have a friend by that name who would probably think we'd named our kid after him!
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    Thanks for your reply..I think I will add Amina, Nadia and Zahra to my list

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    The best place to find names that work for mixed Muslim/Christian/Jewish households is in the old testament, because it's the root of all three traditions. There are several names there that work very well cross-culturally.

    One of my favorite names of the moment is Miriam, and the common spelling for the Arabic translation is Maryam. I have a good friend from Iran who is Muslim and she spells her name Mariam. I think its so lovely, I have no idea why it's not used more often.

    Also my name (Sarah), is used quite a in Muslim countries (and almost everywhere!). I took a trip to the UAE and Kuwait a few years ago and several people that I met mentioned that they had family members named Sarah. It might be too common for you, but I've always loved it and it's a wonderful cross-cultural name.
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    Miriam/Maryam and Sarah are pretty names but I have too many associations with Mary's and Sarah's for the names to sound fresh for me.

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