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    I can't claim any knowledge of Arabic names beyond an appreciation for culture and a childhood friend whose Russian father was a professor of ancient Arabic literature. But one name that I remember is Qays (pronounce like case), from the love story and poem "Majnun Layla" meaning "Possessed by madness for Layla". Qays and Layla fall in love but her father did not approve of Qays and Layla was forced to marry another man. Qays went mad from heartbreak and ran away from the tribe and wandered the desert writing poems of love for Layla in the sand. Sometime later, Layla died, some say of heartbreak, and Qays was found dead beside her grave were he had carved his final poem for Layla on a rock. (It's kind of like Romeo and Juliet without the suicide.) I believe Qays means "firm" or "lover" in Arabic, though I'm not sure.

    Also, the other archangel to appear in the Quran, is Michael (ميخائيل, Mikhail ميكائيل, Mikael). Though, Michael is one of the most common names so I don't know how you'd feel about that. Perhaps the diminutive Misha would help distinguish him from other Michaels?
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