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  • Emerson Rose

    42 60.00%
  • Sawyer Rose

    14 20.00%
  • Parker Rose

    17 24.29%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I don't think Sawyer fits the best even though it suits your style as a name. I think that Parker would be the best as it is edgy yet becoming more feminine and Rose adds to that too.
    Parker Rose would be my choice with Sawyer second.

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    I really don't like Sawyer for girls, I feel like the masculine qualities are wayyy to high. On nameberry, it works, but in real life it could be challenging to have that name.

    I like both Emerson and Parker, but my vote is for Emerson

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    I opted for Sawyer, because for some reason it was my first thought picturing a little girl with each of these names.

    @justanamelover, the names in your signature are wonderful!

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    I chose Emerson and Parker.

    1. Emerson: I like the diversity of Emerson. I like that you could give the nn. Emmy, Emma, Mery, Mary. I think it sounds best because the n ending breaks off from the r beginning of Rose. If she turns out to be really girly you could nickname her EmmyRose. I just think it's best.

    2. Parker: I have a female cousin named Parker. Her middle name's McKenzie. I had lived my whole life until joining nameberry thinking it was a girls name. She does say that she gets made fun of time to time with people saying "park-her". All in all, she likes her name and it suits her well. Parker Rose runs together more than Emerson Rose.

    3. Sawyer: I've never seen the appeal for Sawyer male or female. It rhymes with lawyer. The Sawy part reminds me of soy, which reminds me of soy sauch, which makes think of a Chinese restaurant. I usually see that Sawyer is misspelled with the w and y being switched. It also kind of sounds like: so you're. Making Sawyer Rose: So you're Rose. That's cool, but kinda messed up too. It also has the same problem with r ending and r beginning of Rose.

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    I picked Emerson because I like the 3-1 flow best. Some other suggestions:

    Addison Rose
    Delaney Rose
    Devon Rose
    Jameson Rose (it does make me think of whiskey, but it also gives you Jamie as a cute nn)

    I also like previous suggestions of Ellery Rose, Ellison Rose, and Hadley Rose.
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