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  • Emerson Rose

    42 60.00%
  • Sawyer Rose

    14 20.00%
  • Parker Rose

    17 24.29%
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    Emerson, Sawyer, Parker for girl names or other suggestions please???

    Looking for some new names to add to our list. Rose will be the middle name after both our grandmas but would like to have a bigger list. Would love some suggestions. Only have 6 weeks left

    Emerson Rose
    Sawyer Rose
    Parker Rose

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    I think Emerson Rose flows the best but Sawyer is my favourite of your choices for a girl. Parker sounds too much like "park her".

    FYI - actress Terri Hatcher has a girl named Emerson Rose.
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    Parker is the one I like best on girls, and I do like Parker Rose quite a lot, but Emerson Rose feels the most usable. It has feminine nns like Emmy and Emma, and it sounds good with Rose, and if I had to have another unisex name, and I had to pick between these three, I would want most to be an Emerson. I think it'd be quite hard to wear Sawyer or Parker well on a girl. Another GP unisex/boy's name I like on girls is Brady. There's just something about it I can appreciate on a girl, even though I usually don't care for boys' names on girls. I think Brady Rose would be sweet, or even something like Brady Primrose/Brady Rosamund. Hadley Rose and Jocelyn Rose would be sweet, too. I don't know if either of those would appeal to you, though...
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    I absolutely love Sawyer on a girl! I know a female Parker, and it doesn't fit her very well, so I think that's should stay boy, and I've never been a fan of Emerson.
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    I really detest unisex names on girls. Here are some that might work better:

    Ellery Rose
    Hadley Rose
    Harper Rose
    Avery Rose
    Ellison Rose

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