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    Dicey name chart game

    In this game you have to roll the dice for gender

    Even = girl
    Odd = boy

    Have as many children/kids as you want

    Roll again for names what ever number you land on is first name , roll again for middle name if you land on same number twice for the same gender roll again

    Dice = Online Virtual Dice: 100 sides

    Boy names = Boy Names: The Top 100 of 2013 (so far) – Baby Name Blog - Nameberry

    Girl names = Girl Names: Our 100 most popular for 2013 (so far) – Baby Name Blog - Nameberry

    Example if I wanted 4 children/kids

    I roll 4 times for genders

    Roll 1 = (30) girl
    Roll 2 = (49) boy
    Roll 3 = (90) girl
    Roll 4 = (71) boy

    Now that you know the genders roll for names

    child 1: girl called Elizabeth Isla
    Child 2 : boy called Jonah Hudson
    Child 3: girl called Cecilia Cora
    Child 4: boy called Jayden Elijah

    Feel free to add images ect if you want
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    DS: Isaac Theodore
    DS: Theo Gray
    DD: Stella Maeve
    DD: Willa Cecilia

    Stella Maeve is stunning, Isaac Theodore is handsome, Theo Gray is a tad ridiculous with older brother and Willa Cecilia is a joke. Good game!

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    Phineas Sebastian

    Arlo Max

    Wren Gemma

    Mila Merida

    Amelia Ada

    These are all pretty ridiculous, haha. Fun!
    Currently crushing on:

    Russell. Calloway. Brighton.

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    DD: Lucy Emily
    DD: Georgia Ellie
    DD: Lila Ceclia
    DS: Soren August
    DD:Eliza Aria
    DS: James Tristan

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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