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    Gianna Lavender May - I quite like this one but I will have to ask my boyfriend.
    Tiffany Lavender May - I quite like this one but I'm unsure if it would be slightly dated.
    Irena, Caroline, Raven, Robin & Aria - These names are not really my style of names.
    Bronwen Lavender May - I love Bronwyn.
    Teresa Lavender May - I LOVE THIS AS I LOVE THE NAME Teresa. - I never thought of this one
    Corrine Lavender May - I quite like this one.

    Thank you - I love Rosalie but my boyfriend isn't keen on it. - Verity, Chloe, Lily, Coralie, Phoebe, Esme, Josie, Sylvie, Molly, Valerie, Julie, Sophie - All these we cant use for Various reasons.
    Felicity, Daphne, Sadie, Bethany, Ruby, Bryony - I love all these but I prefer Bethan too Bethany.
    I love Lavinia Rose/Mae. - I will see what he says though.

    Out of your names I love Rosalie but he doesn't, I kinda like Cassia but i'm unusre on it. I love Felicity. - I love Esme but I cant use it a cousin has a daughter called Ezme.

    I love Evelina May Lavender as I love the NN Evie.

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    I'm hoping someone beat me to it, but Gypsy Rose Lee was a famous stripper/burlesque performer who has a book & musical/film about her life with her stage mom, Gypsy. Also, Gypsy is considered an offensive term to some.

    For these reasons, my vote goes to anything else.

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    I'd definitely avoid Gypsy-Rose, or Gypsy on its own. There are some really pretty Romany (or otherwise associated with them) names out there - Tawny, Syeira, Tasaria, Jessenia, Damara.

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    I quite like Tawny & Damara.

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    Yeah, what the others said about the offensive 'gypsy'.
    I like Damara Lavender May Kitcher
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