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    Gypsy-Rose & Lavender May

    I love the name Gypsy-Rose (as my great grandfather was a gypsy and I think it's a good tribute to him). -Rose is my nan's MN (my great grandads daughter in law).

    Do you think Gypsy-Rose is ok as FN or would you use it as a MN. If MN can you suggest some FNs for it.

    Also some suggestions of FNs for the MN Lavender May. - May is my boyfriends nan's MN. Lavender is my nan's fave flower.

    I have a daughter Amy-Louise so it would need to sound ok with her name as well. And the surname Kitcher.

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    I'm just going to throw this out there (just for common knowledge) but the name Romany means gypsy.
    I think it has the 'ro' from rose and the meaning from your grandpa.
    I always saw it as a girls name and I love the meaning.

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    I do like the phonetics of Gypsy-Rose, but I would be hesitant before using it as a first name. A world-class lawyer, political figure, or intellectual named Gypsy? Just seems odd. I think as a mn it would be fine. If Amy-Louise has a hyphenated first, are you looking for another hypenation? Louise is classic and French, and I think Marie combos might work nice. Such as:

    As for Lavender-May, I like that better as individual names, but the flow isn't as pleasing as Gypsy-Rose. Gypsy-Rose Lavender-May sounds okay if you were thinking of that. I still like all my first names, if you're looking to hyphenate. If not...
    (not all of these go with Amy-Louise they just popped into my head)

    Josephine Lavender-May
    Frances Lavender-May
    Frederica Lavender-May
    Christine / a Lavender-May
    Bethany Lavender-May

    Annabel Gypsy-Rose
    Bernadette Gypsy-Rose
    Quintessa Gypsy-Rose
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    I love it too but my boyfriend doesn't like it he says its odd as his style is my daughters name where as mine I like different names.

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    I'm not really wanting another hyphen which is why I'd use Gypsy-Rose more as a MN to a FN. - I just wanted people's opinions on it.

    I love Bethany Lavender May. - I'd use Bethan though as I'm welsh.

    I love Annabel Gypsy Rose. I love Quintessa but I know my boyfriend is not for that.

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