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Thread: Cannon... WDYT?

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    Cannon... WDYT?

    I recently met a little boy named Cannon. At first it struck me as a really strong, violent word name, more extreme than Remington or Gunner. But when I say it out loud, it always seems more musical to me (like canon), and it's started to grow on me a little bit.

    Does the -on ending makes it a little more "name-ish" than other word names? Perhaps I just like that it seems to fit the boy very well; he's extremely energetic, even for a two year old, but he's also very sweet and curious.

    I guess I kind of have mixed feelings on the name.. what do you berries think?

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    I think it goes well with the -en ending trend. It does sound a little strange to me, but I'm sure if I met a person with that name and had to use it aloud, I could get used to it

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    It seems like one of those trendy word/surname names. All it does is remind me of Nick Cannon.

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    Cannon is a family name for me and I would NOT even use it. It's not fun to be called "Cannonball". I know. Talk show Larry King has a son called Cannon King and I cringe every time I see or hear it.
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    I really am not a fan of the name. Although I do know a child who is named Canon with only one 'n', and it seems to suit him. He does have siblings named Skylee and Broen so I suppose that speaks a bit about his parents and their naming philosophies.
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