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    I love Adrian for a boy! Since you seem to like more interesting and bold names how about?

    Adrian Dominic
    Adrian Felix
    Adrian Emmett
    Adrian Evander

    If you want more classic middles,

    Adrian William
    Adrian Walter
    Adrian Isaac
    Adrian Joseph

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    My brother had a friend in high school with that name, and he was quite the heartthrob (lol) so I think of it as a gorgeous name. I think it could definitely work- it's similar to Aiden but not overdone, and sounds more interesting. I don't think of it as a sissy name one bit

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    Adrian is my top boys' name of ALL TIME! I'm still working on middle names over here, but so far I've come up with:

    Adrian Harry
    Adrian Hugo

    That's it... I can't really find one that has great flow, though.
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    I guess I'm the only one who thinks of Rocky Balboa's girlfriend? All I can think of when I hear Adrian is of Rocky yelling to her, so it's really cemented as a girl's name in my mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuitree View Post
    When you say paired with do you mean middle names or siblings?
    Sorry, I meant middle names
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