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    Talk to Me About Adrian

    What are your thoughts? What would you pair Adrian with?

    Edit: I'm looking for something a little more unusual and edgy for middle names. The classics always sound great with Adrian, but they are all missing a little personality for me! Nothing TOO crazy though
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    I know 2 guys called Adrian. Both in their 30's. both nice guys. Ones really creative the others in construction.

    When you say paired with do you mean middle names or siblings?

    It kinda goes with anything middle name wise
    Adrian John
    Adrian Thomas
    You seem to like more whimsical middles though so
    Adrian March
    Adrian Hart
    Adrian River
    Adrian Everett

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    I think Adrian is a sissy name I much prefer Hadrian.

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    I think Adrian is pretty popular in the Hispanic community these days. I like it but I think it only works in an old-fashioned kind of way, historical stories and such -- by modern standards it's pretty feminine. I also knew a girl Adrian once - she was a teen in the early 1990's, so this was quite a long time ago -- and that might be affecting my somewhat unisex view on the name.

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    I really like like Adrian, in fact if I didn't have a first cousin with that name I'd have it on my list.
    What I like about the name is, is that it's quiet and strong. I'd probably pair it with something naturey and fun.
    Adrian Yarrow
    Adrian Heathcliff
    Adrian Hawthorne
    Adrian Ecru
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