View Poll Results: What's your favorite O name with surname Winter?

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  • Oakley

    20 47.62%
  • Oisin

    21 50.00%
  • Oxford

    2 4.76%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    So she doesn't want Oisin to be pronounced O-sheen? It kind of sounds like Ocean Winter? I dunno about that.

    Oakley is such a cute name. Oakley Winter sounds cute too!

    I really don't like Oxford. Very macho.

    Other O names:

    Odysseus (which if she likes Ulysses, that's not too far of a stretch)
    Ollin / Ollyn (like Collin)

    To be honest you could find a lot of names and drop the first letter and get an O name. You can even put an O in front of most names and it works. Or replace names that start with vowels with O. (Like Collyn to Ollyn, Silas to Osilas, or Asher to Osher.)

    I think Oscar (champion), Oliver (peace, elven), Owen (young warrior, well-born), Osias (salvation), or Oran (pale little green one) sound great with Winter.

    Osias is close to Oisin, and actually sounds better with Winter.

    Osias Winter or Oliver Winter are my votes.
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    Whilst I do think Oisin is a very nice name... I just wanted to throw out this association honestly.
    As a lover of chinese food, Oisin reminds me alot of Hoisin (sauce)... I don't think I can get over the association and if it is just me then fine

    ** I figured if I thought of it someone else might and it's better to hear it now than later

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    I don't really case for any of her O-names. Oakley feels trendy to me, and Oakley Winter does sound like a candle scent. Oisin Winter sounds too close to Ocean Winter, which also sounds like a candle or maybe a "nature sounds" cd. Oxford is just plain unattractive as a first name, brings to mind hipster shoes for me. I also own a candle called simply "Oxford" which smells really great, so i can see Oxford Winter being candle-y as well.

    I really like Osias or Oswald for her. Both flow with Winter. Oswin, my favorite O-name won't work for her, but she could use it as a nickname by taking the Os of one name and adding the Win of Winter. That might be kind of cute to have an Osias Winter or Oswald Winter and nickname him Oswin.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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