View Poll Results: What's your favorite O name with surname Winter?

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  • Oakley

    20 47.62%
  • Oisin

    21 50.00%
  • Oxford

    2 4.76%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Oisin seems to be most popular so far.

    Oisin sounds rather close to ocean. Is that an issue with Winter?

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    I don't think Oisin's pronunciation is to close to ocean that it would make winter sound strange.

    I really like the story behind Oisin. It's strange that it sounds close to ocean but means little dear.

    Other O names she may like are,

    Ollivander (I know it's from Harry Potter but it sounds like it could be a surname)

    I still like Oisin best. I voted for Oakley because I like it too but it does seem a little much with Winter.

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    @lovitalane: I've messaged her. She really likes Oberon. She prefers Oliver to Olivier. Ollivander is way too out there. She doesn't like that it's made up. To name your son Ollivander means you're a Harry Potter fan, which isn't a bad thing to be. But it lacks the history that other names have. Orville reminds her of Wright and Redenbacher. All she said to Oscar was Tony and Grammys. Thanks for the suggestions. I also really like the history behind Oisin. Her husband is concerned that it ends in "sin". I really wouldn't spell it Oisin instead. Do you have any middle name suggestions?

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    As a child, I always loved the name Oakley...but I didn't know it was a real name, and being a child I didn't think I could use it...
    Growing up, I decided it was definitely usable, and a couple years ago discovered it was in fact an actual name.
    I would definitely pick Oakley! I love the sound of the name...with the nn Potential of Oak, Oakes, or Oakey.
    The name means "meadow of Oak trees" which is quite nice..
    Picture a meadow of trees in the winter...beautiful...just like the sound of the name Oakley Winter.

    For a middle name you may want to go with something more classic, Perhaps, Oakley Charles, Oakley William, Oakley James, Oakley David, Oakley James, Oakley Grant?

    However, another nature themed name would also sound lovely...Oakley Hawthorn? Oakley Bramble? Oakley Summit? Oakley Asher? Oakley Wilder? Oakley Hawk?

    I also like the sound of Oakley Thatcher, Oakley Thayer, Oakley Leviticus?

    Also, I think of it as a name immediately, then trees, Oakley sunglasses, and Annie Oakley..

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