View Poll Results: What's your favorite O name with surname Winter?

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  • Oakley

    20 47.62%
  • Oisin

    21 50.00%
  • Oxford

    2 4.76%
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    Favorite O Name: Poll: With Surname Winter: Possible Middles Needed

    A friend of mine, Mrs. Winter, really like O names. Although she doesn't seem to like too many.

    1. She wants to know what goes best with Winter.

    2. Also which name you like best in general.

    3. Do the initials OW matter? They haven't chosen a middle name yet. Please suggest some in the comments below.


    Oakley (English: oak wood or clearing): She loves it but there's the connection with Annie Oakley.
    Oisin (Irish: little deer): She fears pronunciation problems, but she doesn't want Osheen instead.
    Oxford (English place name: from the oxen crossing): She thinks it may be sound pretentious.

    They're still looking for any other O suggestions. This is their first child. They're due December 1.

    Thanks guys.

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    Does Oakley Winter sound too much like a candle scent?
    I know there's probably a better way of saying it, but I think that you get what I'm getting at.
    Perhaps two nature names together isn't the best idea.

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    I don't know what you mean about Oakley Winter. Can you elaborate?

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    Well, Oakley is a nature name and Winter is a season.

    You know how candles always have these descriptive names and names that evoke imagery. Oakley Winter may be one of them. I can't tell if it's a good or a bad thing. I don't know if my friend considered it yet.

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    I thought Oisin was pronounced osheen? How is it meant to be pronounced?

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