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    Names for my characters?

    Hello everyone,
    I am writing a story but I just can't think of names :/.

    1. The story is about a young girl who tries to find some meaning in life after the suicide of her brother. The girl is about 13 years old and pretty mature for her age. She loves reading, dreaming, painting, photography and swimming. She has some OCD tendencies and always wants to be perfect. She is very smart and intelligent but can also be adventurous at times. She has wavy white/blonde hair, blue eyes and is very tall and thin, she is kind of awkward. I was thinking of the names Eden, Zoe and Lily.

    2. The older brother, he is about 17 years old and commits suicide (I am not going to tell you the reason because that would ruin the story ). He has a great friendship with his little sister and he loves her with all his heart. He is also pretty smart and he loves reading, skating and playing guitar. His life looks perfect, but it absolutely isn't. He carries some dark secrets with him. He has messy, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and is tall. I was thinking of Holden, Miles and Daniel (Danny).

    3. The other brother, he is about 15 years old and he is the rebellious one. He plays in a band and loves to party. He doesn't have a great bond with his siblings, but they get along. He plays football and doesn't pay much attention to his family. His grades are okayish and he can be loud. After the death of his brother he feels guilty, just like his little sister, they think they could have stopped it somehow if they had payed more attention to their brother. He has curly blonde hair, blue eyes, he is about the same height as his little sister but a bit muscular. I was thinking of the names Sam, Mason and Ethan.

    Their last name is Garland. What name fits each one of them the best? Do you have other suggestions? Oh and sorry for my English, it isn't my first language :s.

    Thanks a lot!

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    1. Eden is too exotic for your intelligent, mature Miss Garland. Both Zoe and Lily feel a little frilly. An El- name could do the trick: Ella, Eleanor, and Elizabeth all came to mind. Ellie is a possible nickname.
    2: Are you a Salinger fan? The nod to Catcher in the Rye is nice, though perhaps a bit too strong, depending on how resemblant you character is to Mr. Caulfield. I like Daniel, nn Danny, for him. Daniel and Eleanor, nn Danny and Ellie, are fantastic.
    3: I like Sam for him, a lot, though with my preferences for your other two Sam could sound a bit short. Maybe as a nickname for Samuel? The other two don't fit as well, in my opinion.
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