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    Middle name Patricia

    Hello Everyone,

    When I do eventually end up having kids I would like to give my daughter my mom's name as a middle. Her name is Patricia which I think is really pretty, but I find it difficult to find first names that flow well with it and that I actually like. It's also hard since there are very few girls names that I love. Some that I would consider are:

    Lyric Patricia
    Nora Patricia
    Saskia Patricia
    Fray Patricia

    I know that Saskia and Nora Patricia are definitely a mouthful so I was wondering if anyone could suggest any names that are similar to my taste that flow well.


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    Saskia Patricia is actually my favorite from your list!

    Other names I like with middle name Patricia:

    Blythe Patricia
    Lillian Patricia
    Ivy Patricia
    Arwen Patricia
    Elin Patricia
    Sadie Patricia

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    Oh, I think Nora Patricia is just lovely.

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    I like Nora Patricia best and also Lyric Patricia. (Mira Patricia is our girl frontrunner with Patricia also a variation of a family member's name)

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    You could also use Patrice if it flows better w/your first name choice.

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