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Thread: Morgan

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    I do think of the actress Morgan Fairchild so it seems feminine enough to me. I think it is great, strong name for a girl and I would choose a soft, feminine name for a middle name.
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    I too prefer Morgana, but mostly because I just prefer the 'ahnuh' sound to 'uhn', and not because it seems more feminine etc. What does your husband think of Morgana? Good luck!

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    ooo. I'm having a very Morgan la Faye morning today.

    I also think of Morgan as a boys name.
    However, I did go to school with a girl Morgan and it suited her well.

    If you don't totally dig it, the character Morgan la Faye was also referred to as Morgane, Morgaine, Morgana. All of which are more specific to her - I feel - maybe one of them would appeal to your hubby. (I really like Morgaine and Morgana).
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    Morgan is perfectly unisex. Morgana le Fay has been Morgan, Morgen (the original), Morgana, Morgane and Morgaine from she first appeared in the Arthurian legends. While it was indeed a male name before the invention of the enchantress, now it is just as much a girl name as a boy name.

    Morgan le Fay was based on something called Morgans/Morgens in Welsh folklore, they're beautiful water spirits who lure men underwater so they drown.

    Redwoodfay; Morrigan and Morgan le Fay are two separate beings; the mor- sounds aren't even related. But they do indeed sound alike.
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    I like it. I personally only see it as a girls name as I know a few girl and no boys called Morgan.

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