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Thread: Morgan

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    Morgan - a long term favourite of my husband's. He just loves the living hell out of it, has for all the years I've known him. I am not normally into unisex names on girls, but he really is relating it to the Arthurian legends. He finds the 12th C. QUITE long enough ago to be feminine precedent.

    What do you think of it? Do we like it, Nameberry? I've said it so many times I'm no longer sure WHAT I think. Break it down for me, it's Monday and I cannot brain today.

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    Morgan doesn't do it for me-- for a girl, anyway. I like it all right for a boy. I don't think it feels feminine at all. Probably because it has the word "organ" in it, I don't know. Actually, the more I say it, the less attractive it feels-- boy or girl. Morgan. Morgan. Morgan. I think of morgues and brains.

    Morgana? Yes. Morgan... not so much.

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    I actually love the name Megan, and Morgan is sufficiently similar enough to it that I think it is a nice name.
    In all honesty, I love the meaning of it and the fact that it is a Welsh name.

    If he loves it that much, I'd just give into the name as I think that the point of naming your child is giving something you love more than anything else in the world, a name that is that special to you.
    I'd pick a middle name I liked and/or agree to name the next child.

    I'm not too much a fan of the compromise route especially for people with polar naming styles as you both end up with a name you don't particularly care for, I'd rather at least one parent love the name.

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    This isn't a unisex name, it's a boy's name. And it's fabulous -- on a boy. How about Morgana? More distinctive and gender-appropriate.
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    It's an "ahna" sound in Morgana, like Lana and not like Anna, right?

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