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    I prefer Lorelei just based off sound, but I like both.

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    Lorelei, but barely. They're both beautiful, but I agree with your assessment that Laurel is earthy and mature, while Lorelei is ethereal whimsy, and I prefer names with some magic. Lorelei is just crashing with magic. It's one of those names I may just fall madly in love with and use for a daughter someday. Besides, if you truly can't decide, just have a Lorelei who gets called Lorel/Laurel.
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    Laurel isnt special enough for me, too close to Lauren

    could always try Laurelei to mix the earthy nature (which i do like) and spice it up a bit
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    For the longest time, I thought Lorelei was pronounced with a -lay ending and fell in love with it. Now that I know that the ending is pronounced -lie, it's not as attractive to me. I guess I'll go with Laurel, even though I don't prefer it either.
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    I adore Lorelei (currently one of my top three girls names).
    I wouldn't mess with the spelling of it unless you want to go with the original Loreley instead.
    It differentiates it from GG and refers more directly to the Rhein-sirens.

    (PP's suggestion of Laurelei just feels messy to me. Adding in the Laurel connection - sort of messes with the meaning of both to me. Neither really shines through as it battle the other for dominance).
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