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Thread: Rhydian

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    I came across this name recently and really like it, but I can't find much information out there about it. Anyone with some Welsh knowledge know anything about it?
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    Hmm, the only thing I found was that it's a form of Rhydwyn, which is a village in Wales. The name apparently means 'white ford' or 'crossing'. Nook of Names says only "Rhydian (pronounced ‘RID-ee-an’) — probably from Old Welsh rhudd ‘red’". Cool name. I've never heard it, but I like it a lot.
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    no info about the name, but I really like the sound of Rhydian
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    Once Upon a Time Baby Names: Rhydian

    depending on the pronunciation you want id go with a different spelling so a child doesnt have to deal with spelling and pronunciation errors their entire life.

    RID-ee-an : Ridian
    Raiden: same
    Ridan/Rydan: same
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    There is a Welsh classical singer who was a contestant on the X Factor a few years ago called Rhydian Roberts, but he just goes by Rhydian. He pronounces it RID-ee-an. It was the first time I'd come across the name, but I do like it.
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