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Thread: Help with Twins

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    Lightbulb Help with Twins


    We are expecting twins in March and have been discussing names.

    If they are girls, one will definitely be Abigail Grace.

    If they are boys, their middle names will be Allen and Michael. No ideas for first names.

    DS is Owen and our last name is one syllable starting with W.

    Any ideas on a name to go with Abigail or boy names to match our middle names? We'd like them to coordinate but not be too matchy.


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    Here are a few I thought of.

    Alisa Violet
    Piper Elise
    Aubrey Brynn
    Or maybe use the middle name Hope.

    Ryan Micheal
    Brandon Micheal
    Logan Micheal
    Nathaniel Allen
    Daniel Allen
    Thomas Allen
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    Abigail Grace is a beautiful name, a few suggestions for another girl would be:
    1. Rosalie Faith
    2. Olivia Hope
    3. Charlotte Rose

    As for boys:
    1. Alexander Michael and Samuel Allen
    2. Liam Michael and Ryan Allen

    I can't think of any more at the moment though! baby brain :P
    Emily x

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    It's funny you both suggest Ryan, that's DH's name! I do like Olivia and Aubrey, but both have been vetoed :/

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    What do you ladies think of Alex or Henry?

    I'm also starting to fall in love with Emmeline even though Emma is such a popular NN...

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