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Thread: Surname help??

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    Rainer is fantastic! I love it as a first name and I love it for you as a surname. It has a striking sound and a strong meaning. Use it!

    Personally, I'm an academic and have already published under my name, so even if I ended up with a man it wouldn't be practical for me to change it (I'm queer). Not that I ever would -- my name is who I am. My ex and I did talk about creating our own surname, which I would take as a middle name and which we would give our children.

    Of the couples in my friend group who have married, most either kept their own names or chose a new surname. Not a single woman I know has changed her name. I see this as a very positive trend. Perhaps we've finally arrived in an age of compromise, not sacrifice and domination, when it comes to marriage.

    Some other options for you:

    Dexter -- I really like this as a surname for some reason
    Adler -- a la Irene Adler of Sherlock Holmes
    Beck -- Sleek, German, and goes with just about everything
    Fabel -- Phonetically similar to 'fable', another literary reference
    Gable -- I just think this is a great surname
    Errol -- Means 'to wander'
    Booker -- Speaks for itself
    Lewis or Clark -- Connotations of travel, naturally
    Simon, Eloise/Louise, Faye, Judah, Thea, Felix, Iris, Cordelia, Roscoe, Lydia, Jasper, Phaedra, Adrian, Lucinda, Jane, Conrad, Wallace, Finnegan, Sylvie, Charlie, Dashiell, Juniper, Atlas, Matilda, Julian, Alice, Marlowe, Octavia, Jack, Marigold, Archer, Gabriel, Persephone, Raphael, Dov

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    I don't have suggestions, but I just want to say I think it is awesome that you are changing your name together. I wish my SO were up for that.

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    Wow, I am totally blown away by everyone's support! Thank you so much!

    stripedsocks- Raine is a little too literal for me, I think! We also live in Northern California, so there's always the hippie factor as well.

    rkrd- Of your list, I like Albrecht, Reed and Dietz. I also wish we were looking for a French name! They're so romantic, but my SO is set on a German one. :/

    Augusta_lee- Your friends sound fabulous! I just read that only 26% of women actually keep their names in the US, so you have quite progressive friends. Of your list, I like... actually I like them all! But Booker and Beck would probably be unusable for us. Unfortunately, because Booker is such a great name! I love the suggestions of Errol and Lewis and Clark.
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    Have you heard the NPR show about combined new surnames? I love it.

    The Rock-Singers! The Star-Powers! Then Ms Lovely married Mr Hooker.

    I like Rainier, by the way.

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    I like Rainer.

    Some other German ideas:
    Adler (second this!)
    Tolkien (double whammy, German and literary!)

    Good luck!

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