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Thread: Surname help??

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    My husband and I briefly considered this. He has a surname that is difficult to pronounce (my first name is also difficult to pronounce) and it came from his late stepfather, who adopted my husband but he had PTSD from Vietnam and it ruined their relationship before he passed away (lung cancer from agent orange...yeah war sucks). Anyway, we seriously considered changing our surname to my husband's mother's maiden name, which is also the surname of his favorite uncle (the closest older male figure in his life). The only reason we didn't change it is because he already has other children with the same (difficult) surname so at least now we all sound like a family. My husband at one point offered to take my maiden name, but I couldn't have that, as I am close to my father so that would be weird if they shared the same surname.

    Anyway, so my suggestion is to think if there is anyone on either side of your family that you are close to and consider using those names. Consider maiden names in from your families. Consider surnames of close friends/mentors.

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    I talked to my SO, and shared your ideas. He also likes Adler, Albrecht, Errol, Bosch, Ritter, and Linden! They're going on the list. Adler and Rainer are probably the frontrunners now.

    Thanks again for everyone's support. This is just the beginning of the process.
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