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    I do think Gabriel is a better choice than Owen for a first. These long-held name loves that have really stood the test of time aren't really in the same league as the pop-up fads of the moment. If you're pregnant again in two years with another boy and your husband is still mad about Owen, then that would be the time to consider it as a first. However in the spirit of compromise, I suggest the following options:

    Gabriel Owen
    Patrick Owen
    Patrick Liam (as an updated version of William that is also similar in style to Owen. I'd also suggest Gabriel Liam but the L sounds run together)

    I do love your original combo of Gabriel Patrick, but I have to say, Gabriel Owen and Patrick Liam would make a smashing set of brothers!
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    I chose Gabriel Patrick. 1) You clearly love it, and it sounds like your husband did too until he changed his mind on a whim. Unless he has a good reason, I don't think you should have to compromise. 2) When I saw the name "Owen William", at first I thought it said Owen Wilson, like the actor. I know it's not that similar, but I can't get past it.

    Personally, I prefer the names Patrick and Owen (and even William) over Gabriel. People keep saying Gabriel is less common, but at least where I live and substitute teach, I regularly encounter little boys named Gabriel/Gabe. That wouldn't stop me from using it if I loved it, but I don't.
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    This is wonderful!! I've never had so many hits on a thread before! Thank you, we've had so much to discuss because of you all! (And for those of you who asked about compromise and communication, yes, we do work things out pretty well - we had two years of long-distance practice before we wed

    Of the suggestions, he really likes Gabriel Owen and Liam Patrick. Like Owen, Liam was another name I had suggested at the beginning of my search, while trying to find our style. I remember him saying, "What is the purpose of using only half the name to honor a William?" LOL. I guess even his horizons have broadened since I've been involved on Nameberry! haha. I honestly had never heard of Liam until a few years ago. I can appreciate it as a great name, but just don't know if it has that I-could-fall-in-love-with-you-everyday-for-a-lifetime factor, if you know what I mean.

    Thanks, ella17, I actually really love Patrick Owen, but you know Patrick will undoubtedly be shortened to Pat. Blah. That totally ruins it for me. That's why I originally chose Gabriel Patrick. Oh, so many names to love, but you honestly have to factor in how you feel about the undeniable, undesirable version. I think I prefer the flow of Owen Gabriel to Gabriel Owen though - I suppose anybody can go by their middle name...technically speaking. Although if you plan to call Owen Gabriel "Gabriel," why wouldn't you just put Gabriel first?

    There is really so much I want to say to you all: lexiem, I appreciate your sympathy and understanding about "mourning" a name that has become a part of you. And casilda - thank you for the comment about the "filler" names. I hate to use that term, and that is really good insight you've offered - "it's only a filler if it is chosen just because it 'sounds right'; but if used because it really means something to you, then no, it's not a filler."

    @ legalbeagle: I see you have a little Gabriel of your own; do you find that his name gets shortened to Gabe more often than not as orphanedhanyou said? (Gabe is one nn I actually like!) and kyemsma, glad to hear you are so happy with Patrick as a middle

    @ sleepysessha: I simply love everything you said!! And @ thatkathryngirl: I'm not one to love outlandishly popular names, but even if Gabriel should be in the top 3 (it's not in the 3 states I've lived in), I really could care less.... I'd still be head-over-heels for it. I think this is the true test of love. I know Gabriel has such potential, but like mom3 said, I don't want to have babynamer's regret (so glad it worked out for you, mom3!!).

    Seriously, I appreciate all your suggestions and insight sent our way!
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    Are there actually people who go by Pat instead of Patrick? I'm just asking because I've never met a Patrick who went by anything other than Patrick. The only Pats I know are older ladies (60+) whose full names are Patricia.

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