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  • Gabriel Patrick

    97 76.98%
  • Owen William

    29 23.02%
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    Gabriel Owen would be a great compromise!

    Please keep in mind that, while Michael and William may be filler middles, if you're using a name for a reason, it's anything but filler! It's only a filler middle when you just pick a random name because "it sounds good".
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    I can see how "loosing" a name after two years can be tough. It's like you have a whole relationship with that name and now are being told it's not going to happen. I'd say if you he really can't be swayed back, give yourself a little time to morn and then start the name hunt all over again. I'd start a fresh and figure out with your hubby what criteria you both agree on. (I personally really liked the biblical name to match his. Very sweet.)

    If he's stuck on wanting William as a mn because it's a tradition and its too common for you how about suggesting and alternative you both might like. Willem, Wilhelm, Liam etc. (Liam would be a cool Irish link as well).
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    Quote Originally Posted by orphanedhanyou View Post
    of your names i like Owen Patrick, Gabriel Owen, or Owen Gabriel better than your original combos.
    Same here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bibliophile View Post
    Gabriel stands out to me much more; plus, it seems there's much family drama behind the name Owen. I do, however, think that Gabriel Owen works well, even better than Gabriel Patrick. Might this be a possible choice for you?
    The way you described your passion for the name Gabriel I feel you need to stay true to yourself. I think the compromise suggested by bibliophile of Gabriel Owen is a good one. For what it's worth, I almost didn't stay true to my heart with a name I had always loved for ds2 just because dh was unsure about it but I went with it anyway, and dh came round eventually and now loves his name as much as I do! I would have lived with serious name regret if I hadn't followed my heart. GL.

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    I chose Gabriel Patrick - Patrick is my son's middle name - but I do think Gabriel Owen is the perfect compromise.

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