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  • Gabriel Patrick

    97 76.98%
  • Owen William

    29 23.02%
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    It seems like Gabriel Owen is your perfect name. I say always go with the name you've loved the longest instead of committing to the name you're infatuated with in the moment.
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    Owen and Logan do not really sound that similar to me all all and have different feels as well. its not like a pair of Mason and Carson's.

    i think that Owen is more common now and Gabriel isnt as heard of anymore, though just Gabe is.

    of your names i like Owen Patrick, Gabriel Owen, or Owen Gabriel better than your original combos.

    ps out of all of them i think there are better names you can discover out there, scrap everything and go with something totally different.
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    I'm loving Patrick Owen...
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    Gabriel Patrick all the way! Of course I am biased with your choice but I also love Patrick as a middle x
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    I like all the Owen, Gabriel and Patrick combos.
    William, while classic is rather over done these days. Michael... well a nice link to his daddy, but still prefer the other 3 names.
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