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    After years of agreement, Husb just changed his mind!!!

    My name-world is shattered, fellow berries!! After spending hour-on-end picking a name true to us, and nearly 2 years loving our first choice for a son, my husband decided on a whim that he'd changed his mind! The worst part?? He went back to a name I suggested at the beginning of my search, one I have always been uncertain about and HE shot down. Now I've moved on!! I don't know what to think - this is so upsetting.

    Gabriel Patrick is still my ultimate and long-term-love. I have loved both Gabriel and Patrick since I was young: such rich history and meaning, great namesakes. Ever since the first mention of the 2 together.... well, let's just say my heart still skips a beat. Like this is my son, engrained in the fiber of my heart. Although I've always been drawn to them, I truly chose them with the intentions of reflecting my husband's strong Biblical name, Michael, and his Irish heritage, so I feel it is a part of both of us.

    The past couple days, he has gone back to Owen, choosing William or Michael as the middle. Granted, William is a family name - he and his dad's middle, and maternal grandfather's first. Unfortunately I feel it is an overly-used name, especially as a middle filler in our generation. I feel that Owen may be too modern for my taste based on it's popularity over recent years (though I know it's a name steeped in heritage with a history of it's own); but the most off-putting for me is that I feel his sudden interest for Owen comes from his brother and sister-in-law's choosing of similar-sounding Logan for their baby due this November. And, to put it plainly, we do not need their inspiration after the hurt they've caused us as a couple. At this point, it's best to keep our distance, and naming our son such a similar name is certainly not the way to do that. Of course, husband doesn't see the impending drama, but I say, better safe than sorry! Besides, could I even imagine giving up Gabriel Patrick forever....? Sniff :'(

    I really think it's important that we both have a say in such a big decision, but why is it that guys have little interest about this stuff unless they have a STRONG undying opinion???

    What is your opinion, taking all this into consideration? What would you do and ultimately which name do you prefer??
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