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  • Tobias

    41 60.29%
  • Lionel

    16 23.53%
  • Bruno

    11 16.18%
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    Lionel Xavier would be fantastic! I love love love Lionel! My second choice would be Tobias Noble, Toby is adorable.

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    Thanks everyone for voting and feedback! I feel really good about our list and having outside input helps immensely. I think about it all the time and it's so nice to know other people's thoughts and preferences! I'm leaning toward Xavier in the middle, still, bc it only seems fair to use at least one name from my side of the family. I know a lot of people are voting for Tobias/Toby, but I just can't shake Lionel/Leo or Bruno/Bo out of my head! The Lionel Richie and Bruno Mars associations don't phase me at all, neither strikes me as a one-person-celebrity-name. The fact that these names are a little less popular but still loved means a lot to me. At least we don't have to lie to family when we say we are still undecided - we aren't sharing the name with family and friends until he gets here to make his birthday more special. Thanks so much, Berries, for being the sounding board for me! I don't know how I'd keep our list quiet otherwise

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    Anything but Tobias/Toby. Toby is such an ugly sounding word--I've had a visceral reaction against it since I was a child. It makes me think of toes and associated fungi. Sorry my repellence is so strong. Am I the only one??

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