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  • Tobias

    41 60.29%
  • Lionel

    16 23.53%
  • Bruno

    11 16.18%
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    Poll: Help us pick a first name!

    We are looking for a name for our first child, a boy due in October. Which name is your favorite for a first name? The middle name will most likely be Xavier, possibly Noble. Feedback and suggestions are welcome! Thanks

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    I voted Tobias, though Lionel Xavier is awesome. I fear Lionel on its own is too strongly connected to Lionel Richie, and Bruno to singer Bruno Mars.
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    I like both Tobias and Lionel (they're on my own list), but I think Xavier sounds best Lionel (since the ending "s" in Tobias and the beginning "x" run into each other). If you go with Noble, I think Tobias is your best option. BruNO NObel and LionEL NobEL seem to clash.

    For what it's worth, I do not have any associations with the name Tobias (apart from maybe Tobey Maguire... but I'm not even sure if Tobias is his full name. Or how relevant he is anymore), Lionel reminds me of Lionel Luthor (Superman), and Bruno reminds me of the horrible (in my opinion) Sacha Baron Cohen character.
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    Thanks for the feedback, bibliophile & dovah! I appreciate it

    Lionel would have the nn Leo
    Tobias would have the nn Toby
    And Bruno would have the nn Bear

    I'm not a fan of Bruno Noble because I don't like the "no-no" in the middle but Lionel Noble doesn't bother me as much because I pronounce Noble as No-bul, not No-bel. I am partial to Xavier in the middle with all three but I want my SO to love the name, too.

    More feedback is welcome. I'm starting to think we might just end up taking all three names to the hospital...

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    Tobias! I've loved this name for years; Toby is such an endearing nickname.

    Are you pronouncing Xavier as Ex-avier or Zavier? If you're pronouncing it as Ex-avier, I like Tobias Xavier. Its a very strong and unique name!

    Noble sounds awkward as a middle for Tobias, Lionel, and Bruno.
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