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    Quote Originally Posted by orphanedhanyou View Post
    Riley is more masculine to me, take it back for the boys where it belongs!
    Big, fat DITTO. Please keep Riley on your list for a boy!!

    My cousin has a son named Taylor Riley.
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    Riley is perfectly acceptable as a boys name because it STILL is a boys name! Simple but true! If parents who choose the name for their daughters aren't worried about their femininity, why should you be worried about your son's masculinity? Unisex names have to work both ways, don't they?
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    I much prefer Riley for a boy, always have! I knew one growing up, and like a previous poster said, his was spelled Reilly, which is the spelling I really like, too.

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    I much prefer Riley on a boy, it's one of those unisex names that I don't really consider that unisex as I see it as completely boy. I'm being a complete hypocrite by saying that as my name is unisex and it drives me mad when I see people on here calling my name 100% male, but it doesn't bother me that on the league tables my name is more popular for boys, it bothers me when people say I have a masculine name.

    On the other hand, I've never met/heard of a female Riley, I don't know whether it's not very popular as a girls name in the UK (I haven't checked), so I see it as a boys name cause of that.

    Also, I really like the spelling Reilly.

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    I have known both male and female Rileys. While I do consider it a boy name, I can see the appeal as a girl/unisex name. It being unisex wouldn't stop me from using it, but if I was worried about it I would probably go with the Reilly spelling, which I happen to prefer anyway.

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