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    It sounds like you have a particular style that your husband doesn't share. I like Otto, but I do not think you should use it if your husband despises it. I don't think you should use a name that either of you hate. It sounds like Owen should be your #1 choice (since you both agree on it) until you find something less popular. Owen, after all, is a perfectly nice name.

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    I agree with spring13 re: Otto. It's sweet and you're right, the flow with your last name is great, but it's VERY German/Finnish/Eastern European. It's distinctive and distinctive names illicit strong reactions. Otto comes with connotations, not all of which are positive. (I think of a guy I went to school with and Otto Von Bismark, so it's a mixed bag). It really doesn't seem right to name your baby, who you share, a name that your husband actively hates.

    That said, you have some great options. You seem to be a big fan of the names ending in -o. Is there are name ending in "o" that he likes? Leo? Theodore nn Theo but he can call him Teddy? Can you have him read The Phantom Tollbooth so he'll fall in love with Milo? Watch the movie Hugo? Go for a different feel with Matteo or Marco? Orion has a prominent O sound. Oscar?

    The good news is, if he seems incommunicative about names, you are several months away from the due date and I have heard that sometimes the dad doesn't feel the need to really discuss names obsessively until closer to the date. For Berries like us, that's part of the fun! I don't know how often you talk to him about it, but maybe either take a break or ask him to come up with a list of 10 names he likes. Then that will at the very least give you a better idea of how to compromise.

    Your husband actually has very stylish tastes. Blake, Ian, and Charlie are all stunning, though they are, as you have said, fairly common. Your tastes are also very stylish, but a bit more quirky, whereas his are more classic/preppy. I think you will be able to find some middle ground, especially since I would have put some of these names (Theo, Henry, Jack, Charlie, Hugh) in the same style category.
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    How 'bout Theodore? Got that solid, strong classic feel of Charles, and still open to nickname Theo for you. Miles has a similar sound to Charles, as well; use Milo for the nickname.
    Also - Matthew, in his style, with nn Hugh, in yours.

    Other names you might both like (quirky, short for you, classic and established for him): Max, Leo, Benjamin nn Benji, Davis nn Davey, Rudy, Jack, Oliver, William nn Will or Liam, Lucas nn Luke, Isaac nn Zack, Frederick nn Freddy, Levi, Caleb, Graham, Oscar
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    I'm an Otto fan, but it does seem to be one of those names that you either love or hate.

    You say that "there's no name that he feels strongly about." Is part of the problem that he's shooting down most of your suggestions and not making many of his own (other than Ian and Blake)? If that's the case, it might help to find a way to somehow force him to offer up a list of his own suggestions. That way it might feel more collaborative and not like he's just turning down all of your favorites. Not sure what the best way to go about doing this would be, but maybe you could ask him to sit down and write a list of a certain number of names that he likes.

    Of course, maybe you'll hate all of those names and it will completely backfire.

    But maybe it'll at least show that you care about his opinion, are trying to make him a part of the process, and aren't trying to "force a name that he doesn't like"?

    You have a lot of good suggestions in this thread! I like Arlo, Axel, Oren, Leo, Levi, and Theodore for you.

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    Coming from someone who fought a LOT w/ their husband about names, believe me..I know how you feel. My heart was set on Flora for a girl and my husband was utterly repulsed. I tried every angle and nothing worked. I eventually gave up b/c like others have said, would you really want to name your child something you hated. It isn't fair. The worst for me is that after our daughter was born and we named her Fiona, he heard the name Flora on a TV show and fell in love w/ it!! But it was too late. Could've killed him haha. Anyway, I have rambled. I would suggest you keep trying Otto on him, sometimes people change their mind and a name grows on them but I'd also work on finding something you can both be happy with. I know how heart breaking it is to give up a name you love, I really do! For what it's worth, the only thing I can think of when I hear Otto is the bus driver on the show Simpsons!! I have never heard it otherwise and didn't realize it was a real name!
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