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    I agree that you shouldn't force any name on your husband...

    What about Ivan? It's a more interesting twist on Ian. Ivan Charles Markowski?

    Owen is really cute Owen Jenks Markowski?

    What if you put Otto in the middle spot and something you both can agree on for the first? Like Charles Otto Markowski?

    Expand Theo and make it Theodore? Theodore Owen Markowski?

    Nathaniel? You could call him Nat, Nate, Nathan, Neil, Thane, etc... Nathaniel Otto Markowski?

    Arthur or Philip, you could call them Art or Pip. Arthur Blake Markowski or Philip Otto Markowski?

    Kenneth? It's classic, but pretty uncommon for kids. Kenneth Otto Markowski, or Kenneth Owen Markowski?

    Nolan Otto Markowski? Forrest Owen Markowski? Simon Otto Markowski?

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    I completely agree with your husband on Otto. Plus, I hear auto when I say it. My husband and I had a horrible time agreeing on girls names. We had the same taste in boy's names. Bottom line, you get equal say, so have him make a list of names he likes. For what its worth, I think Charlie is fantastic!

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    Yea, it's one thing for one partner to compromise on a name they aren't completely thrilled about, but if it's something he truly hates then it is pretty cruddy to force it on him. There are definitely non-boring names that aren't as uncommon or polarizing as Otto.

    I think if you opened up a little bit on it, he'd be more willing to compromise. Even you admit that you're unsure about Otto being a little too out there.

    I think Owen, Otis, Oscar, Oliver or the like would be a great compromise. Not nearly as extreme as Otto, but still distinctive. Popularity isn't what it used to be. Just because a name is in the top 50 doesn't mean he'll have 5 in his class and honestly, just because it's not in the top 300 doesn't mean he'll never meet another one.

    Or what about Charles Otto. If you compromised on the first you could call him Otto if you wanted to.
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    oh my goodness, thanks everyone, i didn't realize anyone had responded to my post! (it's my first, and I thought I had set up notifications, but I guess not!)

    thanks for all your thoughts. As a few people said, yes, we have time. I bring it up every few weeks, and if we're getting nowhere, let it rest for a while. And no, I don't want to (and won't) actively force a name on him that he really hates. We have both made lists, and I'd say Owen and Charlie are our best bets as far as overlap. And if he really never warms up to Otto, that's probably the way we'll go, unless we come up with something new and brilliant in the meantime.

    I'll just keep referring to the baby as Otto until then, and hope it grows on him.

    and kala_way - funny you mention Otis - I threw that out there too and he hates it even more than Otto.

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    PS- what does it mean when nameberry highlights different names in different colors? (blue vs orange)

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