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    Madeline- Nice classic name. Very popular though (particularly the nn Maddie) , and I've always preferred it in the middle!
    Rosa- Love this! Totally underused IMO. Goes fabulously with Amelia. I also love Rose nn Rosa/Rosie !
    Elsie- Great name! I prefer it as a nn for Elsa. Also goes great with Amelia.
    Irelyn (I liked Ireland but my husband doesn't want to name her after a country)- Sounds made-up. Don't like, sorry. I could picture Ireland as a middle name!
    Adeline- I don't love this as much as Madeline... It has a more boyish feel to it for some reason. I prefer Adelaide.
    Emme (Emmy)- Too close to Amelia IMO.
    Halle- Nice, but I don't think it goes well with Amelia.
    Roslyn- This is okay. I much prefer Rosa or Rose. Rosemary is nice, or Rosalie.
    Raegan ( rae for short)- Sorry, don't like this one.
    Rhian ( ree-ahn)- Don't like this one either.

    Favourites would be Rosa and Elsa.
    Rosa Madeline
    Elsa Madeline
    Rosa Ireland
    Elsa Ireland

    Edison- This is ok. I prefer Edwin, Edward, Edmund.
    Rudy- I love this. Great with Amelia.
    Kean- Very cool. Feels different from Amelia though. Save for middle name maybe?
    Cullen- I love Cullen and Amelia together! I think this is a great choice. I don't think of Twilight when I hear it.
    Harrison- Like it, not love. I would prefer just Harry. But it is nice with Amelia!
    Sacha- One of my favourites. Not the best fit with Amelia, but it could work.

    My favourite would be Cullen, followed by Rudy.
    I also really love Declan with Amelia btw. I'm not sure how popular it's really getting, but if you love it- use it!

    Good luck!
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    How about the name

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