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    Help! We can't find a compromise'

    Hello! We are expecting our second boy in 9 weeks. We have a hard time picking boys names. My husband wants to name the baby after his uncle, Conrad, even though he already has a namesake (Conrad's son is also Conrad). I thought about honoring his uncle by using a c name ( my first choice is Chase). The name Conrad is really not an option for me-it just doesn't flow with our last name. We can't agree on any name at all and the arguments are getting ugly and spiteful! It took us 4 years to get pregnant and I hate that picking a name us so stressful. I love the name Chase Jackson. I also love Asher, Archer, Griffin, Sawyer. He likes Conrad, Wyatt, Barrett, Owen. Please, somebody, help us find a compromise!

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    I would explain to DH why it is off the table for you. That Conrad is already being honored, and then listen to why exactly he likes it.

    If you don't like the rest of each others picks, try and come up with a list together. Or come up with seprate lists and then rank each others picks.
    I understand your frustration, my DH was hard to work with, but we eventually got there. Maybe give naming a break and come back to it. Or if you feel tensions rising, take some time off it.
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    Okay 2 things I would suggest

    1) Have one pick the first name and the other one the middle name.
    Just give into his demand of Conrad, but on the condition that you choose a middle name that you like. Seriously if you do this you have the notion of just referring to him by his middle name on your side as he already has a namesake in use by a family member. He has a nice name that will look presentable on paper for an important job and you can call him whatever you like. This seems very fair and this is the line of argument I plan on using as I like names that are a bit out there... and my brother gets called by his middle name anyway.

    2) Find a nice solid name he likes and just search for a plausible nickname you like.
    since Conrad reminds me of Conrad Nicholson Hilton (founder of the Hilton Hotel chain) I'm going to use his son as an example.
    Conrad Nicholson Hilton Jr was referred to as Nicky.
    If you can find a nice solid name he likes... just find a cute nickname.
    Also the name Barron which he may also like.
    Beau can be attached to almost any name beginning with B.
    Full name- Barron... Nickname- Beau

    Not exactly sure what names you like
    but Chase could easily be a nickname for Charles or even the more proper Charlton

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    even the name Finnegan has the nickname Finn

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