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Thread: Compromising

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    How did you guys manage to compromise with a stubborn partner/husband/baby daddy when it came to names? Our tastes are POLAR opposites and he won't budge. We agree on ONE girls name and I don't even love it that much but we can't agree on a single boys name. I'm not far along so I'm trying not to worry but I fear I will end up with an unnamed baby at the end of this :? How did you come up with something you both liked??
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    Me & hubby were like that too. I'd suggest something, he'd say no. He'd suggest something, i'd say no.... it went on and on and on! There wasn't a single name either of us suggested that the either would even consider, they were all just flat out no's. That all changed one day when the trailor for fast & furious 6 came on TV and i turned to him and said 'what about Dominic?', we just knew straight away that that was his name. So my advice, don't worry about it to much, you just haven't thought of the right name yet
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    Me and hubby couldn`t agree on names for any of our boys. For my older one, Bridger, it took us 2 months for a name that we both liked. Whatever I suggested he didn`t like, whatever he liked, I didn`t like. One day, he said he likes names that are unusual. We went through a list and we found a name that we actually agreed on! Bridger. We love his name and we have no regrets. He seems to like his name too.
    For our second one, Avery. We waited to find out the gender so we picked a name that we both liked that would work for a boy or a girl.
    So, you will deffinitly find a name that you both like. It just takes time. There was no compromising.
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    Our tastes were quite different too and we had to set a few ground rules for talking names. My big one was if you veto a name on my list, you suggest a name you like. That kept it from getting too negative and feeling the hopeless "He doesn't like ANY of my names!!!!" panic. If you don't like it, move on and find an alternative, don't just dwell on why you don't like it.

    I made a name bracket system with both of our top name lists, we filled them out and then compared to see what names made it a ways on both our charts. Putting names on paper and finding new ways to rank and sort and brainstorm kept him from getting burned out and frustrated with the process.

    In the end, we went with a name that was in his top 2 and my top 10...Olivia. It may not be as interesting to name nerds as many of the names on my list, but we both love it and that was worth letting a few of my top choices go. He calls her by her full name and I've called her Livvy since day one, it just suits her.
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    We came up with names when I was like 34 weeks pregnant.

    For a boy, I wanted Apollo, he wanted Jayden. We finally agreed on Rowan, my suggestion, but I think if we had a boy I'd have tons of regret over not getting my way with Apollo.

    My daughter's name is Lillian. It's a name I've always liked but was never on my list. I also REALLY didnt want a top 100 name, but Lillian is currently 18. That said, I love it for her. My top choices were Beatrix, Aurelia, or Marisol. The only one of those that might have fit her is Marisol.

    We were going back and forth a lot, and he told me I needed to pick something "reasonable", so I said Lily, Juliet, or Laila. He then suggested Lillian and I agreed.

    Most likely, you'll come to an agreement you both love. You may need to stay open minded and give up your favorites...but don't settle for something you don't feel good about, either.
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